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What Is HRSC?

Discussion in 'What Is HRSC?' started by Ratz4Racing, Nov 9, 2013.

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    HRSC is an acronym for Horse Racing System Checker. It is basically a simple program which enables you to keep a record of your horse racing betting systems by checking their performance against Betfair Starting Price.

    Once bets are input, HRSC does all the rest by updating results and prices automatically thus cutting down on a lot of time spent keeping records.

    Not only this, it also allows you to drill your bets down in order to check performance of your bets under different conditions.

    For example, you can check which class of race is the most profitable, whether your system performs better or worse on the All-Weather or the Flat, whether your bets perform better in handicap races etc.

    Altogether, there are around a dozen different filters which your bets can be checked against.

    Not only does HRSC give you the all-important profit/loss figure (including monthly breakdowns), it also provides a lto of other useful statistics such as your longest winning and losing runs, the ARCHIE score of your system, the Maximum Drawdown for your system, the A/E Ratio and much more.

    If you'd like to see a demonstration of HRSC in action, please take a look at the HRSC Demo Page.

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