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Discussion in 'HRSC Updates' started by Stokie, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. Stokie

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    hi Andy
    i think this could be a very useful addition to HRSC i don't know if the work entailed to implement such a filter would be feasible however,the reason i have brought this up i was trying a system out on the creator but it required
    the horse to have won LTO so i couldn't check how viable it was,anyhow fully understand if you choose not to bother
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  2. Ratz4Racing

    Ratz4Racing Cheeky Monkey Does Stuff

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    That could actually be done with what is already available within HRSC.

    What you could do is set up all the parameters, ignoring the LTO winner thing and save the output to a new system.

    Then go into Tools and use the LTO Converge facility to merge this new system with the LTO Winner database.

    What you will get is a new System which only includes the LTO winners.

    I understand this doesn't help when you're trying to create a new system but until I've got time to include the LTO Winners into the System Creator Area it's the only way to do it.
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