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An Idea I'm Toying With

Discussion in 'HRSC Updates' started by Ratz4Racing, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Ratz4Racing

    Ratz4Racing Cheeky Monkey Does Stuff

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    I've been pondering the idea of Betting Portfolios for some time now. I think we all keep them.

    HRSC keeps records of your individual systems but there are some systems which we are merely testing, some which we are actively interested in and those which we are actually betting on with real money.

    However, I was interested in bringing those together (outright Systems and Presets within those Systems) into some format which provides some kind of meaningful output.

    I've been doing this on a spreadsheet for the last few weeks in order to see if it's useful and I must say that it is quite illuminating.

    Below is a screengrab of the systems and presets I'm actually betting on.


    I'm just trying to gauge interest in this idea before proceeding to make it a part of HRSC because it will take quite a bit of work to implement.

    The HRSC area will see the above tidied up a lot and give a little bit more info which isn't possible using the spreadsheet approach.

    By the way... sod's law... this month is having a stinker so far (as you can see!) :)
  2. phuket

    phuket Highly Respected Member

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    For me there is enough info already in my saved systems - save your self a job :)
  3. Stokie

    Stokie Super Poster

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    agree with MR P you know the saying can't see the forest
  4. BrianH

    BrianH Highly Respected Member

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    I do run a portfolio and, while each system is individually recorded within my HRSC records, I keep daily/monthly records for each on a separate spreadsheet giving totals for each system and an overall monthly total. This shows me at a glance how each system is performing at any stage of the month. While I am happy with my present recording systems for now, I would be delighted to see how your proposed pages would appear as it would seem to be a sensible project to undertake.
    I also have a separate Excel sheet for staking with columns for System Name, Strike Rate, Exp. ROI, LL Run, Max DD, Bets/ mth, Av Profit/mth, Portfolio%, Monthly TO, Stake, Bank, Leveraged Bank @1.4, Expected Profit/mth so I can vary my portfolio as necessary by adding or removing systems
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